Protea Captain Faf du Plessis says Warner behaved worse than Rabada

South African Test captain Faf du Plessis has staunchly defended pace sensation Kagiso Rabada and said David Warner acted far worse.

The Test series between South Africa and Australia increasingly seems like it might be remembered more for kerfuffles than cricket.

First, there was the near bust up between David Warner and Quinton de Kock, with one calling the other sook, one allegedly making “vile and disgusting” comments about the other’s wife and then fans took to wearing Sonny Billy Williams masks because Mrs. Warner once upon a time got to know the rugby player a bit intimately.

Oh. And then the band was told to stop playing.

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Then Kagiso Rabada got banned. For two Tests.

Yeah, it’s a bit much. Especially considering that this timid interaction between Rabada and Steven Smith is what resulted in the quick earning the demerit points that resulted in the ban.

South African skipper Faf du Plessis defended his young pace on Tuesday, saying:

“How I see it is that the charge against KG was a Level 2 with three demerit points and the charge against Warner was Level 2 with three demerit points,” Du Plessis explained.

“For me, if you look at both of those incidents, one is brushing of shirts and the other is far more aggressive.

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“That was my question: why are both these incidents labelled as exactly the same?

“In a normal situation would say that the contact was very minimal … it was a shirt flick of two players and you would probably get one or two demerit points because it wasn’t full body contact.

“But that’s from where I’m sitting as a player and not an official.”

Cricket South Africa had 48 hours to appeal after the ban was handed down on Monday. They were considering their options.

With the third Test still nine days away at the time of writing, there is a chance that the ban might still be overturned, but considering how inconsistently cricket seems to apply punishment… well… who knows.

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